ReThink Mining

We are ReThinking Mining through global innovation and industry transformation.

Innovative mining practices are changing the face of the industry worldwide. But that work doesn’t happen in a silo. ReThink Mining is a catalyst for global mining innovation by bringing the best, the brightest and the biggest players together to intelligently deliver the resources the world depends on.

ReThink Mining continues to build a business innovation ecosystem to address the challenges the global mining industry is facing today

Innovation Delivery

ReThink Mining leads innovative technology development and deployment projects to achieve better operational, environmental and financial performance for our members.

Industry Co-development

ReThink Mining brings together senior level mining professionals and thought leaders to discuss challenges, find areas for collaboration, share insights, discuss common technology projects and deliver impactful results.

Together we can achieve our goal to transform mining to a zero-waste industry.

Mining innovation stories and successes

ReThink Mining Solutions to Significantly Reduce Tailings Waste and Risks

What’s required to reduce the risks around tailings? When it comes to the catastrophic failure of tailings ponds, the operational word is ‘catastrophic’. Events like …

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Meet the ReThink Mining Board of Directors Nominees 2022

ReThink Mining Board of Directors: Departing Directors & New Nominees We thank all of our departing directors for their hard work, dedication and support to …

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CAHM Project

How Co-Development is Reshaping The Mining Industry: The CAHM Project

Innovation is a catalyst for global transformation ReThink Mining’s intention and goal towards zero waste mining began with an innovative strategy to decrease the world’s …

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Are you or your company mining innovators?

Help us transform the mining industry through innovation and collaboration. Together we can change the face of mining.

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