Rethinking Mining During a Pandemic: 2020 in Review

Here at CMIC, we aim to transform mining toward a zero-waste industry. We do that by anticipating and identifying industry challenges, and providing a forum for connection, collaboration and innovation.

2020 was a challenging year but our organization, along with our partners and members, never faltered in our commitment to environmental responsibility. It was business as usual, as we worked to develop technologies and best practices to move mining forward into a more profitable, sustainable future.

Here are some of the highlights from 2020, and a word on what lies in store for CMIC in 2021. 

In the past 12 months even in the middle of a pandemic, we:

The CMIC team is excited about the opportunities ahead of us in 2021. We look forward to continuing our important work with current partners and members, and to welcoming new members, from across the globe, into the fold.

Stay tuned to this blog for exciting updates and announcements. 

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