Surface Mining – Alternative Haulage

Project overview

Material haulage is one of the highest costs in many surface mining operations. With reduced amounts of capital available for operations in many mining companies, existing material haulage by trucks is increasingly difficult to fund.  Alternatives to existing haulage by trucks could afford many advantages including:

  • Reduced capital cost
  • Reduced operating cost
  • More rapid movement to the electrification of operations reducing GHG footprints
  • Inclusion of additional techniques/technologies such as ore/waste sorting
  • Converting non-viable projects using existing technologies to a viable project using new technologies from a purely fiduciary perspective

Senior leaders of Canada’s mining industry identified alternative methods for material conveyance as a priority for CMIC. The purpose of this phase of the project is to identify technologies and processes that provide an alternative to, or integrate into, existing platforms. Material includes both waste and ore.

Expected outcomes and benefits

The consortium members will have an opportunity to make informed innovation and business decisions for the eventual replacement of existing haulage technologies. They will also be able to determine which other Group members have similar enough applications that a joint demonstration would be appropriate, and whether any mines currently operating alternative material haulage are similar enough to eliminate the need for a full demonstration.

Additionally, the consortium will gain knowledge on how to design their mines for alternative haulage and benefit from the operational experience of those who are already using them. It is expected that one or more technologies will be identified for implementation at one or more mining company sites in 2020 as part of this program of work.

Project team

The project team is made up of:

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