Remote Charging Unit

The Remote Charging Unit (RCU) project will deliver a remote charge-up capability to move workers at least 4 metres from the face in underground mine operations.

Project overview

Globally mines are getting deeper and this forces a re-think of the manual mining practices that are common across our industry. Ground falls, stress induced failure and rock bursting mean the development face is one of the highest hazard zones in any underground mine.

The development charge-up crews are most ‘at risk’ to these geotechnical hazards due to the lengthy exposure duration at the tunnel face to perform their tasks.

As part of the wider mining industry’s need for a safe means of undertaking the charge-up process at tunnel development faces, CMIC and its members have identified the RCU by Olitek as a potential solution.

The RCU project will deliver mechanized charge up capability in support of the mining industry’s drive towards Safe Deep Development and mine development in high stress.   This project will eliminate (as a first phase) exposure of personnel within +4m of the face during the charging process.

Expected outcomes and benefits

  • Opportunity to participate in the development of the RCU technology through to a functional prototype to be tested at a Project Participant site (TRL 6).
  • Development of the implementation approach that is repeatable for future use by Project Participants.
  • Broaden industry learning about the implementation of remote charge-up technology.
  • De-risk the implementation of this project and future implementation of integrated system elements at Project Participant’s sites.

Project team

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