Underground Mining Safe Deep Development

Project overview

Exposure of workers to the unsupported development face in underground operations has been identified as a significant risk by most hard rock mining companies. As a result, many have adopted the practice of screening the face. Although efficient, this practice has associated risk and operational downsides including:

  • initial safety during installation
  • increased bolting time
  • equipment executional efficiency
  • metal in the material flow to surface

This project is designed to eliminate worker exposure to the unsupported face during the entire development cycle and investigate opportunities to streamline process steps and transform the conventional drill and blast sequence to a more continuous and automated platform.

CMIC has proposed a multiphase approach to convene the mining industry, support the refinement of the project roadmap and collaboratively execute projects that align with the project execution plan. The initial phase is focused on developing a united industry voice to illustrate the draw on existing OEM’s and subsequent project identification. it is likely that these subsequent detailed projects will be scoped and appended to this charter, following phase1.

Expected outcomes and benefits

The expected outcomes and benefits for Phase 1 would be to:

  • Costs – shared cost to obtain knowledge and participate in system development
  • Learning and implementation de-risking – sharing and learning to improve individual implementation in the future.
  • Design approach to shorten time to collaboratively deliver a suitable result for the host company.
  • Development of industry pull for technology from OEM’S through united voice and focused project execution.
  • Facilitated sharing and engagement process including collaboration models and manage and update collaboration between participants and Host.
  • Continued relationship building with OEM’s
  • Identify the issues that all mining companies are having and collectively develop the solutions.
  • Identification of collaboration and project opportunities for Phase 2
  • Identification of technology, use cases

CMIC level setting process

Project team

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