Continuous Underground Mining: Mechanical Cutting Demonstration

Project overview

As part of the exploration demonstration and implementation of hard rock mechanical cutting and continuous mining platforms, CMIC and our members have identified cutting demonstration as the next phase of the journey and learning. This consortium project was developed as an opportunity for mutual learning, trouble shooting, de-risking and collective learning about mechanical rock excavation technologies. This is the initial sharing agreement. Subsequent collaboration projects when identified will be added to this agreement and this will remain as the project governance document, supported by the required consortium agreements and essential NDA’s.

Mining productivities have decreased for the past several years. Mechanical cutting has been identified as a transformational opportunity to break the current paradigm of the conventional drill and blast platform process. The implementation of this platform technology can shift to continuous mining models and enables lower grade deposits to be mined as a result of lower overall cost and savings due to increased electrification of the mine.

Expected outcomes and benefits

The expected outcomes and benefits as a result of this collaboration project are:

  • Broaden industry learning about the implementation of Hard rock mechanical cutting
  • De-risk this and future implementations both at Vale and the consortium partners sites
  • Development of a technology implementation approach that is repeatable to be used in the future.
  • Stimulate additional collaboration between companies and ecosystem partners.

Project team

The project team and technology being implemented will be announced shortly.
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