Underground Mining Mechanical Cutting – Continued Learning

Project overview

Over the past 3- 4 years CMIC and our industry partners have been assessing, analysing and exploring the landscape associated with Hard Rock Mechanical Cutting and the associated activities that when adopted will transform the current mining industry drill and blast paradigm. We have been performing this work in order to continually maintain our knowledge base, current and developing relationship as well as investigate new collaboration opportunities. The consortium partners have agreed on a project to continue this work in support of continued relevance and project collaboration opportunity development.

Hard rock mechanical cutting has been identified as strategic technology and key pillar of a continuous underground mining platform. In order to address the increasing cost of tradition drill and blast a continuous platform must be adopted. To make a these such operational transformation decisions, up to date knowledge of technology and learning opportunities must be constantly explored.

Expected outcomes and benefits

  • Continued relationship building with OEM’s
  • Identification of collaboration opportunities, follow up and assessment
  • Execution of collaboration agreements
  • Identification of technology, use case and follow up

Project team

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Mike Stuart

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