The BluVein project in partnership with Olitek (Australia) and Evias (Sweden) is managed by CMIC and will see the proven EVIAS e-highway technology adapted specifically to heavy hauling application in underground mining.

Project overview

BluVein is an alternative technology offering lower cost, higher productivity, and a more sustainable pathway to next generation trolley-charging technology for heavy mining vehicles.

BluVein dynamic charging allows the vehicle drive motors to be powered directly whilst simultaneously top-up charging smaller and more conventional onboard batteries.

BluVein overcomes the technical hurdles that have held back similar technologies in the past, namely:

  • BluVein has no exposed electrical contacts in the overhead rail system, eliminating the risk of contact with a person or equipment.
  • BluVein is a standardized technology that can be fitted to machinery from any mobile equipment supplier, providing scalability and simplicity for mining operations with vehicles from different suppliers.
  • BluVein is easy to install and maintain and has been robustly engineered to suit arduous mining environments both on surface and underground.

Expected outcomes and benefits

The Project aims to accelerate the transition to full mine electrification, driven by imperatives including:

  • Reducing employee health risks by eliminating exposure to hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and diesel particulate matter (DPM).
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from mine vehicles.
  • Lowering operating and capital costs through reduced ventilation requirements, improved productivity, and reduced fleet maintenance costs.
  • Alignment of electric vehicles with other technical agendas including automation and data collection.
  • Sustaining or improving productivity in ventilation constrained operations.

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