Global mining innovation takes a team

Providing a platform for industry-wide collaboration.

Why Have Companies Joined ReThink Mining?

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We connect groups and people in a unique ecosystem.

We connect people and activities in other mining companies, suppliers and organizations inside and outside of mining, both domestically and internationally (e.g. COSIA, ICMM, NewLab).

We provide learning opportunities.

Learn from other mining companies who are pursuing similar activities.

We enable leveraging of resources.

Reduce risk and accelerate developing and/or deploying new technologies.

We are a trusted broker.

We have become the trusted broker for collaborative projects with mining companies.

We are unique.

“You are different than any other organization in Australia” quote from 2 project partners in Australia.

Establishing and participating in forums like ReThink Mining - which allow for open dialogue and more streamlined and effective collaboration will help us to find innovative ways to improve our business and realize our fullest potential.
Mal Carroll
General Manager

The solution

To achieve the scale of change we must undertake as an industry, we need to work together. 

Innovative thinking – like that seen among ReThink Mining members, with projects managed on the ReThink Mining platform – can reduce the risk inherent in developing technical and non-technical applications that can make all of our products – gold, copper, nickel, iron ore, rare earths, battery metals – better, faster, cheaper, and safer.

If we as an industry are to generate sustainable and profitable growth and drive economic and social prosperity, these actions need to happen not only when mining commodity prices are down, but on a consistent basis.

These improvements benefit not only our employees and bottom line, but also the environment and communities in which we work and live.

Becoming a ReThink Mining Member is easy!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Review our innovation strategy and membership model to ensure alignment with your goals.

Choose the membership tier that best aligns with you and/or your organizations needs.

Get the most from your membership by becoming an active participant in our global community of mining innovators.

Current ReThink Mining Members

Our approach to innovation

Innovation in technology and implementing best practices is the key to our continued success, and ReThink Mining provides a platform for industry-wide collaboration.

Why become a CMIC Member

When you become a ReThink Mining member you gain a network of people, resources, knowledge and process to help you achieve your environmental, safety and financial objectives. By rethinking mining together we can:

  • create technology roadmaps that shape the future and the path to solutions
  • bridge the gap between long term vision and short-term projects
  • develop technology platforms across the mining business
  • harness innovation and spread risk across the supply chain
  • deliver results

The ReThink Mining membership model is based on similar organizations in other industries and takes into account unique features of mining.

To become a ReThink Mining Member, please ReThink Mining membership model for more information. 

MineSense Technologies is a Vancouver company focused on innovative sensing solutions to measure ore quality in real-time at the active mining face, in stockpiles and on conveyor belts. We support and participate in ReThink Mining acknowledging that it is increasingly important to have a diverse ecosystem for Canadian mining innovation.
Ken Scholey
CTO, Minesense

It’s time to work together to build a more resilient, more accountable industry. Become a ReThink Mining Member today!

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