Meet the ReThink Mining Board of Directors Nominees 2022

ReThink Mining Board of Directors: Departing Directors & New Nominees

We thank all of our departing directors for their hard work, dedication and support to ReThink Mining. Departing from the Board of Directors is Gordon Bogden, Michelle Ash, James “Jim” Gowans, and Charles Dumaresq.

We are pleased to welcome two new 2022 Board Nominees, Anthony de Fazekas, Norton Rose Fullbright, and Ben Chalmers, Mining Association of Canada.

Anthony de Fazekas

Norton Rose Fulbright, Partner IP

Anthony is recognized as a go-to IP strategist, working with a broad range of IP-rich companies across a number of sectors, including information technology, FinTech, artificial intelligence (AI), mining innovation, agritech, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, network technology, and enterprise software. His practice also includes complex technology, IP and data contracting, including joint development agreements, collaboration agreements, and all types of IP and data commercialization agreements.

Anthony provides strategic advice supporting the corporate innovation agendas of enterprises end-to-end; developing enterprise IP strategies that support their innovation strategy, leading bespoke IP and IP monetization training, designing UP protection and governance processes, helping define the IP, legal and data parameters of corporate innovation consortia, and drafting or upgrading the various agreement and policies relevant to open innovation strategies.

Mr. de Fazekas has worked extensively in the innovation sector with many research institutions, large corporate innovators, clusters, startups, and scaling technology companies. He has acted on a number of leading mandates related to technology and IP sharing consortia including advising four of Canad’s superclusters in defining their IP and data strategies and negotiating their agreements with the Government of Canada, and in the case of SCALE.AI drafting their mast project agreements for joint development and associated IP and data policies.

Anthony is a regular lecturer on IP- and innovation- related topics, for example, he teaches the IP commercialization course at Osgoode Hall Law School. He speaks extensively about a range of topics, including protecting value and managing risk in technology collaborations, legal and ethical implications of AI (especially from the point of adoption of AI by enterprises), data sharing and ownership arrangements in AI, and IP strategy and IP development programs for scaleups.

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Ben Chalmers

Mining Association of Canada

Since joining MAC in 2011, Ben has been responsible for the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, MAC’s award-winning program focused on enabling mining companies to meet society’s needs for minerals, metals and energy products in the most socially, economically and environmentally responsible way.

Over the last few years, Ben has played an important role in the international growth of TSM as it becomes a sought-after responsible mining standard. During his time working with TSM, it spread beyond Canada to be adopted by national mining associations around the world.

In 2018, Ben took on the role of Senior Vice President and is responsible for overseeing MAC’s work related to Public Affairs & Communications and Government Relations.

Ben has extensive experience in the mining sector and began working in the industry in 2004 at the Myra Falls Operations in British Columbia where he worked as an Environment SUpervisor for the mine. Prior to joining MAC, Ben served as Vice President of Environment and Technical Affairs for the Mining Association of British Columbia and was also a Senior Policy Analyst with Natural Resources Canada.

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