Five Benefits of CMIC Membership

CMIC works with leading mining companies from around the globe to facilitate collaborative innovation to solve their greatest challenges and transform the industry. Our members are highly committed, within their own organizations, to the kind of innovation that is driving mining toward a more profitable, sustainable future. So, what motivates them to join CMIC in order to work collaboratively with others in their industry? Here are five ways our members and our industry benefit:


CMIC provides connections to people and activities in other mining companies and suppliers or organizations inside and outside of mining.

"Collaborative innovation has always been a key strategy for us at Syncrude, because targeted collaboration results in an accelerated pace of innovation. CMIC is a great focal point for that collaboration, and we have been able to develop a number of relationships with other miners, and have been given access to many different innovators, which is always a challenge in the extremely complex innovation ecosystem that’s evolved over the years."


The opportunity to learn from other mining companies who have or are doing similar activities.

“CMIC membership is simply the smart thing to do as we’re stronger as an industry when collaborating. Many CMIC projects are focused on technologies that we’re assessing for use at our operating sites and projects.”


CMIC enables its member companies to leverage the resources of other members to reduce the risk of deploying new technology at sites.

“Collaboration, in many ways, is about sharing, co-ordinating efforts, working with others closely, in this case to develop new technologies, or new approaches to technology. The benefit of collaboration is that we’re leveraging resources - not only financial or physical resources, but just as importantly, the intellectual resources; the sharing of ideas, creativity, experience and knowledge.”


The opportunity to participate in, and help define, collaborative projects that fit with the strategic direction of your company.

“From a Vale perspective CMIC has been important to us and will be in the future on two fronts.  What we can contribute to CMIC and the wider industry and also what we can receive and collaborate on with our peers.”
"Joining CMIC is aligned with our deep commitment to support collaborative innovation in the mining industry to drive sustainable, long-term economic and social prosperity."

Cost reduction

The function of CMIC is considered by some members/partners to be as a surrogate to a dedicated individual in a mining company and can reduce the internal costs of identifying new technology, trends and applications.

“CMIC plays a key role in connecting Glencore Ni and peer company needs with the broader innovation ecosystem and enabling the collaboration needed to create the market pull and prove these technologies to meet industry challenges.”

 To learn more about the benefits of CMIC membership, visit our Membership Page, and be sure to check out the projects which are helping us move toward zero waste mining.

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