CMIC Welcomes Four New Members

CMIC is pleased to welcome new members Optimize Group, Molycop, Minesense and Centerra Gold.

Together, we are rethinking mining through global and industry transformation. CMIC sponsors and members recognize that collaborative innovation initiatives can accelerate cost containment, through both the current short-term economic recovery and by achieving CMIC’s long-term goal of achieving 50 per cent reductions in the industry’s use of energy, water and operating footprint.

“It is absolutely fantastic to see more like minded organizations heeding the call to truly collaborate, co-develop solutions and solve some of mining’s most significant challenges.”

Carl Weatherell, CEO & Executive Director, CMIC.

We continue our march Towards Zero Waste Mining (TZWM) by investing significant resources in developing comprehensive strategies and roadmaps, taking a refined focus on project delivery, matching companies to specific challenges, and adopting a venture-capital type of investment vehicle to secure essential project and operational funding.

“Centerra Gold is happy to become a part of CMIC, membership in this organization is simply the smart thing to do as we’re stronger as an industry when collaborating. Many CMIC projects are focused on technologies that we’re assessing for use at our operating sites and projects.”

Dan Desjardins, COO, Centerra Gold

Becoming a CMIC Member means building relationships across the industry to address the biggest challenges Canadians and societies around the world currently face by:

  • Accelerating innovation and mining technology development and adaption;
  • Sharing the overall risk and cost of developing and or deploying new technologies using a collaborative platform;
  • Regaining trust as an innovative sector with all mining stakeholders; and
  • Helping sustainably deliver mining products on which our society depends.

Be a part of the change – learn how CMIC and our Members are transforming the mining industry.

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