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Learn about the ReThink Mining projects that are helping us move towards zero-waste mining.

The CMIC technical groups have been the lifeblood of CMIC since its inception. Countless volunteers from across all business units of the mining industry have graciously devoted many hours of their time.  

These efforts have led to six roadmaps and the identification of a number of projects for CMIC, and others, to undertake. The Board of Directors mandated that CMIC should focus efforts toward executing projects and building a robust pipeline of projects.

ReThink Mining project overview

Innovation Delivery

CMIC is leading innovative research and technology projects in exploration, mining, processing, sustainability, and other integrated projects, to achieve better operational, environmental and financial performance for our members.

Industry Collaboration

CMIC is bringing together senior-level mining professionals and thought leaders to discuss challenges, find areas for collaboration, share insights, and discuss common technology projects

Knowledge Sharing

CMIC is working with academics and government agencies to bring insight into where the industry is heading, align projects to industry needs, discuss innovative ideas and share these insights with our members. 

Delivering project excellence

CMIC follows internationally accepted Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines for project, program, and project portfolio management. Projects that CMIC leads all employ a general project structure. Project management structures are tailored to the size and complexity of each project, to ensure appropriate oversight while maintaining the greatest possible agility. All projects require project charters (created from project charters supplied by four mining companies) and consortium agreements. CMIC ensures that project funding is secured prior to project initiation. A general project management structure is shown below that includes technology demonstration at mine sites.

Project pipeline

Take a closer look at what we have in progress:

CMIC Projects: Execution

CanMicro – Combined Microwave Assisted Comminution and Sorting

This project will establish a new microwave technology to achieve a step-change reduction in the energy required for comminution.

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CMIC Projects: Development

Continuous Underground Mining: Mechanical Cutting Demonstration

This project is the next phase in our exploration demonstration and implementation of hard rock mechanical cutting and continuous mining platforms.

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Data Mining for Value

This project looks to demonstrate where data mining techniques can be effectively used in mining operations to improve performance.

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Global Water Curves

This project will define metrics and produce Global Water Curves tools that can be used to benchmark and evaluate water usage in mineral process equipment.

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Surface Mining – Alternative Haulage

This project will identify technologies and processes that may provide an alternative to the existing platform of material haulage by trucks. 

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CMIC Projects: Completed

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Optimized mine plans, just right plants integrated at the core, we partner with mining companies on study development, capital projects, execution oversight, and due diligence. Joining CMIC is aligned with our deep commitment to support collaborative innovation in the mining industry to drive sustainable, long-term economic and social prosperity.
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The Optimized Group
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