CMIC Opens Office in Sudbury, Ontario

In order to create a mining industry that is both profitable and sustainable, CMIC provides a forum via which industry and thought leaders can share their experiences and insights with a view to collaborating on technology projects.

In 2020, we opened a new office in Sudbury, Ontario in partnership with MineConnect and Norcat. This is an exciting way for CMIC to be part of one of Canada’s mining epicentres.

“This expansion represents another significant milestone in CMIC’s continued growth and is indicative of our alignment with industry’s commitment to collaboration”, said Carl Weatherell, our Executive Director and CEO.

What people are saying about this development

We are delighted with the support and enthusiasm we have received from the Sudbury mining community. Here’s what a few of the local organizations have said:
“Glencore is pleased to hear of CMIC’s commitment to Northern Ontario by establishing a branch office at NORCAT in Sudbury. We actively participate in some truly collaborative, CMIC-led projects within the Agile Ecosystem pillar of our strategy. We welcome CMIC to Sudbury and plan to continue working together with other mining and technology companies to unlock value from our existing and future operations, while we responsibly source the commodities to advance our everyday life.”
“Vale is an active member of CMIC and is pleased to see CMIC expanding in Sudbury. This presence in Sudbury will provide for a more efficient and effective collaboration ecosystem of miners, suppliers, educators and other innovative minds in this mining hub. Vale genuinely believes in listening and working with others as an industry and having CMIC present amongst our operations in Sudbury will only promote this collaboration.”
“We’re excited to see the continued commitment and investment from CMIC in engaging with the exceptional talent, technology companies, and opportunities in the Northern Ontario mining ecosystem and beyond. We look forward to supporting CMIC-led initiatives with the resources and services offered by our NORCAT Underground Centre to continue our collective efforts to transform the global mining industry.”
“MineConnect’s vision statement reads Suppliers of Choice to the World. Having an organization like CMIC within our immediate ecosystem will have a positive impact on our members’ ability to address current and future mining challenges. As leaders in innovative research, with the ability to bring together top tier talent to deliver it, CMIC is a valued addition to the existing cluster, and supports our collective vision for a safer, greener and more productive mining industry.”
"The Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) team has shown itself to be a driven, organized, innovative, forward thinking, and extremely skilled group. The team from Anmar has truly enjoyed working with them in the development and fabrication of new Technology in the Mining Industry and look forward to a continued partnership!”
"We are very pleased to hear that CMIC are setting up shop in Sudbury. They are a valuable contributor to the mining innovation ecosystem in Canada and this move will open up more opportunities for collaboration in Northern Ontario. We look forward to working with CMIC to advance our applied research solutions for mining, particularly the development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) for remote communities and Mining Operations.”
We look forward to being part of the Sudbury mining community, and we’re confident that our presence here will open up a bridge to our national and international partners. This is a great step forward for the collaboration and innovation that is helping us deliver solutions to mining’s greatest challenges.

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