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Connecting with innovators

CMIC events are designed to facilitate broad knowledge sharing and collaboration across our industry, academic and government networks.

Upcoming CMIC events

January 2022

Please stay tuned for upcoming events in 2022.

January 2022

Past CMIC events

September 15, 2021
Carl Weatherell, CMIC Executive Director & CEO, was a panelist at the Circularity Across the Mining and Metals Value Chain conference, discussing the role of collaboration and the value of innovation/transformation roadmaps in advancing CE in the mining sector. 
June 9 - 11, 2021
CMIC’s team were presenters at the International Council on Metals and Mining (ICMM) meeting discussing the next phase of project scoping related to the ICMM Tailings Aspirational Goal of reducing or eliminating tailings will be held over these 3 days. Trevor Kelly led the discussion related to mechanical cutting, Gillian Holcroft led on sensor-based ore sorting, and Carl Weatherell led on a “global knowledge repository”.
May 4, 2021
CMIC's Carl Weatherell presented to the Canadian Mining Schools (CMS) Committee on, “The Race to Zero Waste: Implications for Academic Research and Education”. The presentation will focus on the changing state of the industry, how CMIC works with academia and the opportunity to change undergraduate and graduate education to meet the future needs of the industry.
March 24, 2021
CMIC's Carl Weatherell was interviewed on the Mining Suppliers Trade Assocation (MSTA) program, The Dig, to provide an overview of CMIC, our projects and how we work with the supply chain.
Watch the interview
March 23, 2021
CMIC's Carl Weatherell was on a panel at the Circular Economy and the Mining and Metals Sector event hosted by the Smart Prosperity Institute in partnership with Natural Resources Canada. The topic of the panel was “Exploring a CE Transition in Metals & Mining: Value Proposition, Opportunities & Barriers” with participants from ArcelorMittal, Lafarge and IRMA. Discussion focused on the inextricable alignment of CMIC’s Towards Zero Waste Mining and associated project consortia to the circular economy.
Learn about the Smart Prosperity Institute
March 18, 2021
CMIC hosted its Sensor Based Ore Sorting Open Call webinar. Canada’s leading SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs were invited to submit applications to have their companies discuss their innovative sensing technologies with 9 mining companies across 3 major commodities: oil sands, base metals, and gold. This information session was supported from the National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).
View the presentation here
March 5, 2021
Atomic Energy Canada Limited and Canadian Nuclear Labs (CNL) hosted a workshop entitled, “Small Modular Reactors and the Path to Net Zero Mining”. CMIC’s Trevor Kelly moderated a panel entitled, “Off Grid Applications and Canada’s Advantage”.
Letter of appreciation from the Presidents and CEO of AECL and CNL
February 4, 2021
In partnership with NewLab-Prospect Mining Studio, CMIC held an international open call focused on “Ore Understanding” as part of the Sensor Based Ore Sorting Consortium. Four companies were identified as relevant and additional SME’s have approached CMIC.
About NewLab
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