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The latest in mining innovation from industry experts.

Connecting with innovators

CMIC events are designed to facilitate broad knowledge sharing and collaboration across our industry, academic and government networks.

Upcoming CMIC events

November 16-20, 2020

Rockwell Automation Fair – IF08 – Innovation in Turbulent Times: What’s Next for the Mining Industry

Carl Weatherell, CMIC CEO will speak as a panelist at the Mining Industry Forum.

November 16-20, 2020

December 8-9

Energy and Mines World Congress

Over 30 top mining leaders will share their decarbonization strategies in this year’s virtual Energy and Mines World Congress on December 8-9.

Mpumi Zikalala, Managing Director, De Beers Group Managed Operations will provide a keynote address on renewable energy in the Canadian arctic and the next steps for the diamond miners’ Gahcho Kué and Chidliak sites. 

This is just one of the exciting case studies that will be presented by global mining leaders at this 8th annual event focused on “towards zero-emissions” mining.

Mining representatives can register for this online event as guests by filling in this brief form

Click here for full registration options. 

Click here for full event details.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how global mining leaders are addressing the challenges of lowering carbon emissions from power and mobility.

December 8-9

Past CMIC events

ReThink Mining webinar title slide

2020 ReThink Mining Webinar

National Mining Innovation Forum title slide

2019 National Mining Innovation Forum

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